Whether planning a beach wedding, traditional wedding, exotic honeymoon or a Hen weekend, spare a thought for your feet.

Here is a suggestion for a foot care plan which can be included as part of your beauty routine:

3 Months to Go

  • Visit a foot health professional for a check-up and advice on how to tackle any problems you may have
  • start using a foot file or foot scrub to remove rough skin
  • moisturise every night

1 Month to Go

  • If you have not started a foot care plan, start now
  • remove all nail polish/gels to allow the nails to rest and recover
  • Choose your colours for your pedicure and book your appointment
  • Why not treat your nails to one of Dr.’s Remedy nail polishes? Non-toxic, nourishing and kind to your nails?
  • You can massage your feet using a light oil. This encourages circulation and encourages skin and nail growth

2 Weeks to go

  • Maybe visit a foot health professional to remove any stubborn hard skin, especially on the heels, thin thickened nails, etc. You are then ready for your pedicure

1 Week to go

  • Why not book a paraffin wax treatment or try some reflexology? Both are relaxing and good for the skin

1 Day to go

  • Enjoy a professional or home pedicure knowing your feet are more beautiful than you ever remember
  • On your wedding day you want to be confident about every part of you, so do not ignore your feet – and don’t forget the groom’s feet too!