Gait Analysis & Orthotic Insoles

50Orthotics will restore alignment and offer arch support, shock absorption and proper foot function.

Your feet are your body’s foundation. The most common foot imbalance is excessive pronation. That is, when the feet roll in or the arch collapses. This causes rotation of the ankles, knees and hips which can then lead to further problems.

Approximately 70% of the population suffer from over-pronation of the ankles or ‘flat feet.’ You can be born with excessive pronation or more commonly, it is an ageing process where our ligaments, tendons and arches become looser. The first sign of over-pronation can be when we discover we suddenly need larger size footwear.

Others who may benefit from orthotics include diabetics, sportsmen and women, people who are over-weight, who stand all day as part of their job, sufferers of lower back, knee, hip or ankle pain, who are hypermobile, suffer from bunions, arthritis, corns or hard skin.

Once I have taken a medical history, conducted a gait analysis and biomechanical assessment, I decide whether orthotics would be beneficial. You will usually require 2 appointments.

I use semi-custom orthotics by Vasyli. Regular orthotics are £48 and sports orthotics are £50. I also supply orthotics for diabetics, the pes cavus foot and the supinated foot.

I supply a range of slim-fit orthotics for fashion shoes. If you prefer, I also sell orthotic footwear with moulded orthotic footbeds including flip flops, sandals and slippers. The 2 brands I stock are Vionic and Strive.

Contact me for a consultation in my Lymington or Mobile clinic for an orthotics fitting.

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