Vasyli Orthotics

Vasyli orthotics are affordable and easy to fit, giving relief from chronic problems such as fallen arches, heel pain, knee pain, lower back pain, ball of foot pain, bunion pain and aching feet and legs.

Orthotic insoles help realign our flat feet when mis-alignment has occurred. This may be present from birth, due to injury, wear-and-tear on our joints or part of the ageing process.

Walking on hard surfaces all our lives takes a toll on our feet, causing arches to drop or flatten and our feet to roll inwards (excessive pronation). Knee pain, lower back pain and heel pain (plantar fasciitis) often go hand-in-hand with this condition.

Another condition which mainly affects women more than men, is ball of foot pain, (metatarsalgia), often caused by wearing fashion shoes for years. The metatarsal bones can drop and/or rotate and ligaments and tendons can become weak. Common conditions include metatarsalgia (burning sensation), Morton’s Neuroma, bunions (Hallux Abducto-Valgus), hammer toes, etc.

Vasyli fashion orthotics can be bought online or in clinic but Vasyli semi-custom orthotics are only available in clinic. For expert advice in getting the right orthotic insoles for your lifestyle and foot complaint Lorna would recommend a Gait Analysis and fitting of semi-custom orthotics by Vasyli first. Please contact Lorna to arrange an appointment or for advice on which orthotics would suit your feet.

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