Buying the right socks is just as important for our feet as buying the right footwear. I stock Dr Comfort & Toe Tec Socks for Diabetics and for circulation issues and Thought Sustainable Socks including bamboo socks. Sizes range from newborn babies to UK shoe size 11. Whether you have foot issues, or just want the best socks for your feet, Foot Health First have the socks for you.

Why I recommend and sell bamboo socks:-

• Natural & 100% Organic
• Safe For Diabetics
• Vegan Friendly
• Aids Circulatory Problems
• Soft, Gentle Fabric Ideal For Diabetics
• Keeps Feet Warm in Winter & Cool in the Summer
• Naturally Antibacterial & Anti-fungal
• No Artificial Chemicals
• Gently cushioning

Also available are children’s socks, walking socks, tights, underwear sets and compression socks.