Dr.'s Remedy Nail Care - Treatments

Formulated by Podiatrists, Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care Treatments will give a nourishing manicure or pedicure and help address various issues you may have with your nails.

All treatments are infused with natural products including tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, lavender, biotin, wheat protein and vitamins C and E.

Dr.’s Remedy appeals to a wide range of patients including:-

  • Patients with yellow, discoloured nails
  • Patients with dry, brittle nails
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers who wish to avoid harsh chemicals
  • Children – reducing exposure to Formaldehyde
  • Patients who have strong, healthy nails and want them to stay that way
  • Vegans
  • Diabetics

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  • base_coat

    Basic Base Coat

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  • clear-top-usa

    Calming Clear Top Coat

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  • Rembox (1)

    Dr.’s Remedy Box

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  • International Cuticle Oil (2)

    Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Cuticle Oil

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  • remedy-remover_2

    Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish Remover

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  • Hydration-Nail-Moisture-Treatment

    Hydration Nail Treatment

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  • Modest-Matte-Top-Coat

    Modest Matte Top Coat

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  • 2-in1 Total-top

    Total Two-In-One

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