Pain Relief

There’s a lot going on in our feet, with many bones, ligaments and tendons, it is common for patients to experience some foot pain in their lives.

Foot pain can be caused by badly fitting footwear, over-use, structural changes, inflammation and injury.

Not all foot pain is serious, but it is always important not to ignore it. Our feet are our foundation, so if they are not happy, you won’t be happy either!

I stock my favourite aids to help overcome the most common treatable foot conditions for your convenience. However, if symptoms persist I recommend you seek a foot health professional or your G.P.

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  • creams_akildia_akilhiver_akileine_winter_3q

    Akileine Winter Cream

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  • Sale! wobble_pvc_surface (1)

    Balance Board

    £32.00 £21.00
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  • pediroller_3q

    Carnation Pediroller

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  • dualgel_heelcup_softspot_3q

    DualGel Heel Cup Soft Spot

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  • fs6-natural

    FS6 Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve

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  • gel_bunionetteguard__5th

    GelX 5th Toe Bunion Guard

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  • gelx-double-looped-protector-small

    Gelx All Gel Double Looped Toe Protector small/medium

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  • gel_bunion shield

    GelX Bunion Guard – slimfit

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  • gelx_buniontoespreader + shield

    GelX Bunion Protector and Toe Spreader

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  • gelx-double-looped-protector-large

    Gelx Double Toe Looped Protector Large

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