Fungal Foot and Nail Infections

Fungal foot and nail infections isCommonly referred to as Athlete’s Foot.

Causes: A highly contagious fungal infection. Thrives in warm, moist conditions.

Apprearance: Skin – itching between the toes, cracked or blistered skin, red rash, flakiness.

Nails – thickened, yellow/brown or even dark green nails

Treatment: Wash and dry feet thoroughly, change shoes and socks regularly. Self-treat with over-the-counter anti-fungal creams. Foot baths containing an antiseptic such as tea tree oil will also help and may reduce itching and burning.

Nails may need professional intervention to reduce thickness. Your G.P. can prescribe tablets such as Terbinafin to help treat the nails but they are not always given readily as they have side-effects. I recommend a topical treatment.

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