Nail Care

Our feet and toenails are often neglected, leading to nail problems such as fungal nails and ingrowing toenails.

Some tips for good nail care are:-

  • Your feet must be washed regularly and dried thoroughly
  •  Toenails must be trimmed often and correctly.
  • Cut straight across the nails and file the edges.
  • You can use nail scissors, clippers or nippers, whatever you find the easiest to use
  • Seek help as soon as you notice there is a problem before infection starts.
  • If you are struggling to cut your own toenails, ask someone to help you or visit your local foot health practitioner regularly

The nail care products I have chosen here can help with conditions I regularly see in clinic but can also prevent problems occuring in the first place.

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  • Dr.'s Remedy Nail Care - Colours

    Dr.'s Remedy Nail Care - Colours (45)

  • Dr.'s Remedy Nail Care - Treatments

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  • Diamond Deb File 6

    Diamond Deb File

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    Dr.’s Remedy Altruistic Auburn

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  • AMITYAmethyst

    Dr.’s Remedy Amity Amethyst

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  • balance_brick-usa

    Dr.’s Remedy Balance Brick Red

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  • base_coat

    Dr.’s Remedy Basic Base Coat

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  • 28424077_1825839204152822_4393345878436280836_o

    Dr.’s Remedy Beloved Blush

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  • bountiful blue 1

    Dr.’s Remedy Bountiful Blue

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  • Rembox (1)

    Dr.’s Remedy Box

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  • 2017 anniversary berry

    Dr.’s Remedy Brave Berry

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  • gel-dr-remedy-top-coat

    Dr.’s Remedy Calming Clear Gel Performing Finish Top Coat

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