Nail Care

I recommend and stock a range of Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care.

Our feet and toenails are often neglected, leading to nail problems such as fungal nails and ingrowing toenails.

Some tips for good nail care are:-

Your feet must be washed regularly and dried thoroughly
Toenails must be trimmed often and correctly.
Cut straight across the nails and file the edges.
You can use nail scissors, clippers or nippers, whatever you find the easiest to use
Seek help as soon as you notice there is a problem before infection starts.
If you are struggling to cut your own toenails, ask someone to help you or visit your local foot health practitioner regularly

The nail care products I have chosen here can help with conditions I regularly see in clinic but can also prevent problems occurring in the first place. If you would like a Zoom consultation to discuss the range of products available, please get in contact. They are FREE.