Gehwol Foot Cream

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Gehwol Foot Cream for hard-working feet and hands. Prevents blisters and chafing. Also protects amputation stumps.


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Prevents blisters and chafing, making the skin more resistant.

Can also be used on hard working hands.

Prevents aching feet.

Removes foot odour and excessive sweating.

Helps prevent cold feet, chilblains and frostbite.

Ideal for walkers and for people who participate in sports where the feet are under a lot of stress for a long period of time, such as long distance running, triathlons, Ironman, etc.

Apply a thick layer of cream before hiking/ marching/ sport.

Also protects amputation stumps.

Suitable for diabetics.

Lorna’s Tip: This cream is very popular in my surgery. My patients particularly like it for preventing blisters. They tell me it moisturises well and soaks into the skin quickly, allowing you to put your socks straight on. I sell a lot to parents of teenagers preparing for their Duke of Edinburgh awards.


75 ml

1 review for Gehwol Foot Cream

  1. Caroline Walker

    I’m ridiculously prone to blisters. Lorna recommended this cream, and I use it to prevent, and treat blisters. Absorbs well (I put it on at night) and a tube lasts for ages. Great product that travels with me!

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