Dr.’s Remedy Healing Hydration Nail Treatment

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A natural nail conditioner which can be worn on its own or as a base coat.

Contains Vitamin B.

A best seller, great results.

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Dr.’s Remedy Healing Hydration Treatment is particularly good for dry or split nails. It can be worn as a natural nail polish or as a protective and nourishing base coat. If wearing as a clear, reapply twice a week to encourage healthy nail growth.

Particularly good in restoring nails after cancer treatments, gardening, wearing gels, etc.

Contains Biotin which is a Vitamin B complex to help healthy nail growth and Pentavitin which moisturises the nails. The tea tree oil and garlic bulb are naturally antifungal and antiseptic.


2 reviews for Dr.’s Remedy Healing Hydration Nail Treatment

  1. Sandra Ford

    My nails have been brital and weak for as long as I can remember, splitting before they get to any length.
    Lorna recommended the ‘Hydration Nail Treatment’ and the improvement is amazing, they are now long & actually need filing to keep their length down.
    Thank you

  2. Sarah Clayson

    Great product and also used on my thumb nail, badly damaged but now responding and looking strong and healthy. Perfect product, Thank you.

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