Causes: Friction and mechanical stress caused by ill-fitting shoes or abnormal way of walking.

Appearance: Thickened yellowish skin on soles of feet.

Treatment: Can be treated at home using a foot file or pumice stone and moisturising. If this does not help or the problem is more severe, I can debride and file the hard skin for you.


Causes: Pressure and friction also caused by mechanical stress as above.

Appearance: In this case, the hard skin is an inverted cone and is pushed into the skin causing discomfort.

Types of corn: hard corns, usually found on the soles of the feet or the tips and front of the toes, soft corns, usually found between the toes and seed corns which are smaller and found on the soles.

Treatment: Filing to remove thickened skin or using padding or toe separators to ease pressure may help. However home treatments are not usually very successful and it is recommended you get these treated professionally. Do not cut corns yourself. I do not recommend corn plasters as they contain salycilic acid and damage the skin.

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