Now you’ve put away your sandals, you will want a pair of boots that’s both stylish and warm. Here are some tips to help you decide what boots are best for you.


They have been around since the 1800’s and were originally made of rubber as it’s waterproof. Today, the cheaper ones are made of PVC and are not as well fitted. This can cause blisters and hammer toes. They also loose their shape more easily than rubber and are damaged by sunlight. So, it is better to buy the more expensive rubber boots if you can. These are closer fitting and more durable. However, I do not recommend wearing any wellington boots for long periods as they do not offer the support and insulation needed and the feet tire easily. They are fine for washing the car, popping-out to the garden, etc. If you want to wear them all day, buy the best.

Walking Boots

It is better to wear walking boots for prolonged periods. These offer the support needed, give a good grip and are usually made of leather or other durable and waterproof materials.

Ugg Boots

Originally from Australia and lined with sheepskin, these boots are currently a popular fashion accessory. They offer warmth and comfort, but they are a  comfort’ boot, i.e., designed to be worn round the home or maybe the shopping malls. They are not designed to cope with our winters. They offer little support to the ankles and are not waterproof. When buying a pair, think slippers and you’ll be fine!

Fashion Boots

There’s a lot of choice here. I would choose leather as it is more resilient and looks good.  Go for a low heel and good grip to avoid skating your way down the road. If they have insulation as well, it saves wearing lots of socks and having to buy a bigger size. They are not intended for severe weather, but they are a good general winter boot.

Snow Boots

My personal favourite for this winter. They are heavier than the fashion boots but they are waterproof and have a good grip. They are designed with warmth in mind but can be fashionable too.