Summer FeetIt’s sandal season, so it’s time to think FEET! Here are my top 10 tips for keeping your feet healthy, pain-free and active this summer.

1) Introduce a good foot hygiene routine

  • Wash and DRY feet, especially between the toes
  • Check for Athlete’s Foot and other infections and treat
  • Change socks/tights daily
  • Wear flip flops or Crocs around swimming pools, changing rooms, etc.
  • A foot deodorising spray can help cool feet and reduce sweating

2) Don’t ignore your nails

  • Trim nails regularly – straight across and file.
  • Long nails cause problems if left, e.g. Ingrowing, cutting into other toes, allowing fungal infections underneath, bruising of nailbed

3) Re-think the nail polishes you are using.

  • Use a non-toxic, antifungal range such as Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care
  • Use an acetone-free remover
  • Don’t leave polish to grow out, replace every 1-2 weeks
  • Occasionally allow nails to ‘rest’ and recover for a month or more, e.g., winter time

Drs Remedy collection

4) Apply sun protection

  • Skin cancer and nail cancer are very common. Always protect your feet and legs in the sun
  • Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care give UV protection to nails

5) Review your footwear

  • Always wear something on your feet to protect from knocks, burning soles, etc.
  • Cheap flip flops and ballet pumps do long-term damage to your feet.
  • Wear supportive sandals or flip flops, preferably with a contoured footbed and thicker sole for shock-absorption
  • Check if last year’s footwear is still ‘up for the job’ and replace
  • Make sure your footwear still fit. Have your feet changed?
  • Avoid high heels
  • Rotate your footwear regularly so you are not wearing sweaty footwear every day

6) Nourish your skin

  • Your skin gets very dry in the summer and the soles of our feet do not have oil glands, so re-hydrate regularly
  • Specialist foot creams are better as they are thicker, absorb more quickly and soften the skin
  • Never put cream between the toes as this encourages fungal infections
  • File away any hard skin using a foot file or pumice stone

7) Don’t ignore any foot issues?

8) Have regular check-up with a foot health professional

  • Every 6 months if you are diabetic or have foot issues
  • Yearly if your feet do not give you any problems

9) Exercise your feet

  • Keeping mobile as we age becomes very important. Pilates and Yoga are particularly good for the feet
  • Exercise/mobilise your feet at home using a tennis ball or pediroller, pick-up a towel with your toes to strengthen your arches
  • As we age we also lose our balance so practice standing on one leg, maybe introduce an uneven surface such as pillow to stand on, hopping, or more advanced, use a wobble board

10) Treat your feet

  • Our feet are our foundation. If they are not healthy, as we age we lose our mobility and independence, becoming isolated and dependent on others. Depression and a deterioration in our general health can follow
  • Treats can be Reflexology, soaking feet in Epsom Salts at the end of the day, a pedicure (check hygiene levels first), visiting a foot health professional regularly

Whatever your age, fitness-levels or time of year, our feet are our foundation, so don’t ignore them. If our feet hurt, we hurt all over!

Below are some of our recommended products that may be of help for you.