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There is more to a slipper than you may realise. Not only do they keep feet warm and comfortable, but they also protect them. Many people love to go barefoot, but there can be a risk of injury or falls which can be dangerous, especially for the elderly or diabetics. Flooring surfaces have also become a lot harder and unforgiving on our soft tissues and joints. 

Here are my top 10 tips for choosing slippers this season:

  1. Choose ones which have a non-slip sole to prevent slips and falls -especially important for the elderly
  2. Slippers with a back offer more support
  3. Slippers without a back can encourage clawing of the toes and a rigid ankle and can be a trip-hazard for some people
  4. They can be a breeding ground for fungal infections so make sure the fabric is washable and wash them regularly or if suede or leather, spray with a preventative spray such as Imperial Feet Shoe and Sock Spray
  5. When washing synthetic slippers, to reduce the risk of shrinkage, place in a pillowcase and put on a slow spin cycle with a wool wash
  6. For extra comfort, look for slippers with cushioned insoles, arch supports, contoured footbeds or memory foam
  7. If you need to wear orthotics, make sure the footbed is removable to accommodate them or look for an orthotic slipper with contoured footbed
  8. If you have a wide foot, a foot problem or injury, make sure you choose a wide-fitting slipper otherwise they can encourage ingrowing toenails, corns, etc.
  9. If you always have ‘hot’ feet, I recommend wearing an open-toed slipper or an orthotic flip flop
  10. To look after your feet, you may need to spend a little more money on a good pair of slippers

If you are having difficulty finding the right slippers, I recommend and sell Strive and Vionic slippers which are more supportive than an ordinary slipper and have a contoured footbed with arch support, so please contact me for more information and advice.


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