Strive Orthotic Fur Lined Insoles


Ideal for wellies or slippers.

Helpful if you suffer from cold feet


  • Helps improve posture
  • Helps reduce common aches and pains in the feet/body
  • Disperses harmful pressures
  • Reduces excessive arch collapse
  • Luxury, super-soft faux fur top cover
  • Original insoles must be removed from footwear before inserting Strive insoles
  • Trimming lines to fit
  • Faux fur upper

Designed for everyday comfort and support.

Helpful if you suffer from cold feet, chilblains, poor circulation, neuropathy, arthritis, Raynaud’s Disease, etc.


Additional information


XS (UK 3-4.5), S (UK 5-6.5), M (UK 7-8.5), L (UK 9-10.5), XL (UK 11-12.5)