A verruca is the growth of a contagious virus (HPV, The Human Papilloma Virus) that invades the skin through small cuts or abrasions on its surface. There are over 60 different strains of HPV. Verrucae are slightly raised and circular in shape, with a thickened rim of surrounding skin. The surface may have black dots (pepper-pot appearance).

They are spread in warm, wet conditions such as swimming pools.

Verrucae are very difficult to treat successfully, in many cases they will eventually go of their own accord.

I treat childrens’ verrucae using marigold tincture which is a natural treatment so it is gentle on the skin. I have found it to be very successful in most cases if the parent and child are consistent.

I do not treat adult verrucae, I recommend Swift Microwave Therapy which can be treated by your local Podiatrist.

Contact me for a consultation in our Lymington surgery for treatment of your children’s verrucae.