Strive Footwear

Your feet are contoured, so why do we wear footwear with a flat footbed? Strive footwear incorporate a 3-dimensional footbed designed by a podiatrist. In this way, your feet are supported in the position they were designed to be held in.

Strive’s “Biomechanical Footbed Technology” may improve posture and help reduce harmful stresses placed upon our feet and body – a contributing factor linked to many common problems such as fallen arches, knee pain, heel pain, ball of foot pain and lower back pain. Strive footwear have a 3 degree correction.

Strive Sandals

Luxury sandals with an orthotic footbed, designed to be fashionable and comfortable. From sparkly toe posts, contemporary slides or active walking sandals, all offer arch support and improve posture. Sizes 3-9 UK available. (Sizes 3 and 9 are available on request).

Strive Shoes

From classy to activewear, Strive women’s shoes give you both the style and support you need. Designed with biomechanical footbed technology to realign and support your feet. Available in sizes 3 – 8 UK. Half sizes may be available on request. From £60.

Strive Boots

Stylish to cosy, Strive’s ankle boots will keep you warm, comfortable and moving throughout the colder months. With built-in arch support. Available in size 3-8 UK. Half sizes available on request. From £94.95.

Strive Slippers

Hug your feet with Strive’s cosy and supportive slippers. Even on lazy days, your feet will love the arch support. Size 3 available on request. From £59.95