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Strive Capri Toe-Ring Sandal


Great for hiding bunions and realigning the big toe as well as giving more support than a flip flop. BESTSELLER!


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Product Description

Strive Capri are popular year after year, maybe because they are great at realigning the big toe and hiding bunions!

Leather upper and leather footbed.

Biomechanical correction with contoured footbed and arch support.

One of my favourites, I have 2 pairs!

Lorna’s Tip: Strive tend to come up big, so you may need to go down a size if you are a half size.

If you prefer a more casual, sporty look, check-out Strive Colorado or with a buckle, Strive Java.

Bunions (Hallux Abducto-Valgus)


Additional Information


Anthracite, Black, Navy, Sunset, Gold Metallic


3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


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