Orthosole Ball of Foot Pads by Dr Aktive

Orthosole Ball of Foot Pads have been designed to fit in to your footwear, especially high heels to give relief to the ball of the foot.

A choice of removable support pads.

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Orthosole Ball of Foot Pads use Orthosole Technology to give relief to the balls of the feet, especially when wearing high heels. They come with easy-to-fit support pads which fit under the metatarsals of the toes so high heels become more comfortable for longer. There are 2 combinations of pads which you can use, depending on how much support you need. No two feet are the same, so you can customise the support pads (A or B) to each foot.

Combinations include:-

Left A, Right A

Left B, Right B

Left A, Right B

Left B, Right A

The upper reduces friction and is anti-bacterial.

Instructions included.


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