Clinisept+Podiatry Footcare


Clinisept+ can be used on the skin, footwear, socks and hard surfaces to disinfect.

We use it in clinics but this handy size can be kept in a handbag, sports bag or glove box.

Skin neutral pH.

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Clinisept+ is a fast-acting cleanser and antimicrobial solution that can be used for both pre-procedure and after procedure skin cleaning. Clinisept+ provides highly effective microbial control but because of its gentle oxidising method of action doesn?t itself inhibit skin recovery: it causes no stinging, sensitising, or irritation and neither does it dry the skin. Clinisept+ is suitable for use on normal and sensitive skin.

Clinisept+ products are effective in seconds and deliver more effective protection against bacteria than traditional skin cleansing chemistries. But they are also more skin compatible than traditional skin cleansing chemistries: Clinisept+ has a skin neutral pH, contains no alcohol, is non-irritant to skin and eyes and does not cause respiratory irritation.


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