Akileine Winter Cream


Helps in relieving the symptoms of Chilblains & Raynaud’s Disease.

Contains vitamins A, E, & B5 and Ginkgo-Biloba

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Akileine winter cream can be used for the prevention and treatment of chilblains and frostbite.

  • Suitable for hands, face and feet
  • Soothes inflammation and itching
  • Makes skin more resistant to cold and humid weather
  • Contains Ginko Biloba
  • Paraben free
  • 75 ml


Chilblains are most commonly found in the young or elderly and are a reaction to cold and/or wet conditions when the skin is warmed too quickly. The small blood vessels cannot cope, bleeding into the surrounding tissue. They usually heal within a few weeks and rarely cause serious problems. However, they are uncomfortable.Chilblains?are often accompanied by inflammation of the toes, itching and/or a burning sensation. If you suffer from chilblains regularly, it may be worth checking with your G.P. or foot health professional in case there may be underlying circulatory issues, such as Raynaud’s Disease. Although rare, if chilblains become infected, seek medical attention immediately.



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