Check out my wide range of orthotic footwear for 2017 and great sale prices on last season’s stock.

Please note; due to the precise nature of footwear selection, Lorna would encourage you to contact her for advice or to arrange a fitting.

Your feet are 3-dimensional, so why wear footwear with a flat footbed? Orthotic footwear follows the natural contours of the feet helping to improve posture and reduce common aches and pains.

Orthotic footwear has undergone a huge transformation in recent years. The demand for supportive yet fashionable footwear has increased considerably and manufacturers are responding to the demand. Footwear with a built-in biomechanical footbed have been found to be helpful in alleviating conditions such as fallen arches, heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis, ball of foot pain, Morton’s Neuroma, Metatarsalgia, bunions, knee pain, lower back pain, hammer toes, etc.

The footwear I stock have built-in orthotic footbeds for those wishing to have the support of an orthotic without having to transfer them from shoe to shoe. Also, in warmer weather, if you want to wear sandals and flip flops orthotics do not fit into these. Sandals, especially flip flops, are not very supportive. I therefore, stock a range of fashionable orthotic flip flops and sandals to supplement your orthotics and increase your orthotic wearing time during the summer.

I stock summer footwear all year round so if you are planning a winter sun holiday and need new sandals, it is worth contacting me.

Vionic footwear has a 4 degree correction, Strive and Aetrex have a 3 degree correction.

Supportive footwear is evolving rapidly, with more styles, colours and materials to choose from becoming available every year. I keep up-to-date with latest trends and offer a range of styles and colours to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. Most footwear are for ladies but I stock a limited range of men’s supportive footwear as well.

The most popular ranges I stock are by Vionic, Aetrex and Strive, recognised by the American Podiatric Association as being good for your feet.

Ladies sizes range from 4-8 but I can order sizes 3 and 9 on request from some suppliers.

Mens’ sizes range from 7-11. Sometimes I can order larger sizes on request.

Getting the right fit for your feet is very important. I offer a free consultation and fitting service in my surgery, by appointment.

FREE P&P on all footwear ordered online.